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San Diego Arts

San Diego is a city known to tourists for its many zoos and animal shelters. However, any art-loving visitors to the City will also have their schedules packed with places to see and events to attend if they want to get a glimpse of what the San Diego arts scene is all about. After all, art is something everyone can appreciate, even though we may not all possess artistic talent.

When you’re in the mood for a bit of visual art, you should take a look at one of the many galleries that can be found in Ray Street, San Diego. These galleries often play host to showings of works by artists old and new. It is also often the case that cocktails are served during showings, so you’ll be able to relax a bit and enjoy all the wonderful paintings.

You may also want to visit the San Diego Museum of Art, where you can enjoy the collections of master works throughout history. They also hold the occasional after-work art walk, where you can enjoy the latest exhibits over some cocktails.

If you time your visit to San Diego right, you may also be able to enjoy what is known as “North Park Nights.” During the second Saturday of each month, the galleries of Ray Street and North Park celebrate art by opening their doors to artists and visitors. Take a walk along the block, ducking in and out of the different galleries, and your senses will be delighted. You will be able to experience a great deal of the visual art of San Diego all in one block.

Of course, there are art forms other than paintings and sculptures. San Diego also has an excellent performing arts scene. You can watch one of the many theatrical productions being presented at the different stages around San Diego. These include Broadway hits, classical plays and modern creations by today’s talented writers. If you schedule your visit properly, you may be able to see a different production in each theater every night!

Theater is not the only type of performance art on view in San Diego. There are also various dance studios and galleries that produce different shows and recitals on occasion. These shows can feature everything from classical ballet to modern hip-hop and interpretative dance. Your eyes will feast and your emotions will soar as you watch the talented dancers exhibit their grace and skill onstage.

You should also take some time to listen to some wonderful music. After all, music is a perfect example of the beautiful expression of creativity and truth. If you are looking for soothing classical music, then you’ll find plenty in San Diego. You may choose to listen to the San Diego Symphony at one of their shows -- but make sure that you check the schedules of performances. You can also purchase tickets to one of the very wonderful classical music concerts that are occasionally held in San Diego. Once again, be sure to check the schedule and time your visit properly.

Of course, if you want an adventure, you could just go into one of San Diego’s many music bars and restaurants where you can sit down, relax and listen to the music of your choice with a drink and some fine food. San Diego has great offerings in Jazz and any other musical genre that strikes your fancy. Remember: music too, is a form of art.

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As you can see, San Diego has a lot to offer to the art lover. Everything you want is right there at your fingertips.
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