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We all know that different places have different attractions; but have you ever actually taken a look at the word “attraction” as it pertains to a location? Why are various spots called attractions? This is because they attract people to come visit a place. If you are interested in knowing the reasons why people would want to travel to San Diego, here are some of its attractions:

1) SeaWorld – This is one of the biggest attractions in San Diego, drawing crowds from all over the United States. Here, you can view the diverse animals that live in our seas. One of the biggest attractions at SeaWorld is Shamu – the Park’s Orca or Killer Whale. Grab one of the front seats during the show and you’re certain to have a splashing good time! Just be sure to bring some dry clothes. Kids can also have plenty of fun playing on the various facilities and looking at the different aquariums containing various fishes and other aquatic life.

2) LegoLand - Another reason why people travel to San Diego is to visit LegoLand, where they can explore a whole world made out of Lego building blocks. There are plenty of things that a family can do here - from exploring a whole new world of creativity to taking thrilling rides. It’s possible to spend a whole day at LegoLand and still have more to see on your next visit. This is the reason why many people keep coming back to San Diego to visit LegoLand.

3) San Diego Zoo – Famous the world over, the San Diego Zoo is also one of the reasons that visitors flock to the City. Entering the Zoo, you will be greeted by the sight of Flamingo Lagoon, bringing a colorful start to your visit. What people from all over the world come to see, however, is the Giant Panda Research Station, where you can see the Zoo’s most famous inhabitants live and frolic. People who visit the San Diego Zoo also find the Sea Lion show especially entertaining.

4) Wild Animal Park – it seems San Diego is a popular place to go to when it comes to taking a look at the various beautiful creatures that inhabit the world. The Wild Animal Park is a nature preserve that offers a way to view animals that is totally different from the typical zoo visit. This is because animals in the enclosure roam freely, much as in their natural habitats. The Park offers a great sense of adventure for families who have come to seek the experience of nature at its best.

5) Old Town – San Diego’s Old Town offers numerous opportunities for sightseeing and shopping. For many people, this is the best reason for visiting any place. A lot of people travel to San Diego to experience the City’s true identity, which is defined in its history. San Diego’s Old Town is a place rich with stories, and people will want to keep going back to San Diego to hear them all.

San Diego Travel Guide
As you can see, San Diego offers a variety of places to visit and capture elements of American culture that cannot be found elsewhere. Come to San Diego today!
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