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San Diego DUI Attorney

San Diego is a paradise for tourists and a preferred spring break location for students. It is also interesting to note that it has the highest rate of per capita DUI in the whole of United States. Dui San Diego cases are constantly on the rise and you should be well aware of the dos and don’ts of San Diego county dui. The city in fact has recently been in the news as it went bankrupt due to corruption within the government that includes government embezzlement.

Dui statistics conjure up a scary image of the dangers of drinking and driving as well as portray the potential social stigma that is associated with those accused of DUI. According to the 2003 reports there were 16,180 DUI arrests in San Diego County and the conviction rate was above 74%. The statistics reveal a society determined to fight the dangers of drunk driving and the public take this problem seriously calling for tougher penalties and lower limits. The following indicate that people in San Diego support stricter fines and stringent laws:

1.Bail figures range from $1,600 to $5,000 dollars.

2.Fines range from $390 to $5,000 dollars.

3.Restitution amounts vary between $100 to $10,000 dollars.

4.Penalty assessments of 70% are attached all court-imposed fines.

5.Jail time ranges from 48 hours to 1 year for misdemeanors, and 5 days to 5 years for felonies.

6.Driver’s license restriction/suspension/revocation can be effected for a period of 6 months to 5 years.

7.The regulations normally call for impounding vehicles, but vehicles may be seized, confiscated and/or sold by the state.

8.Probation is common.

A San Diego county dui attorney is the best person to consult regarding dui arrests and the resultant penalties. The Dui laws in the city are and a good San Diego dui attorney would be your personal advocate in court and will be able to attend all of the required court proceedings on your behalf. The choice of the right lawyer would depend on the nature of charges against you and whether he has experience working with the San Diego District Attorney's office.

A brief insight into the Dui laws and the different types of San Diego dui defense lawyers can help in choosing the right attorney or a firm that specializes in your needs. Listings of lawyers are the most useful way to find about lawyers’ and their specialization in various areas.

Criminal Lawyers can help people who have been charged with a criminal offense and need someone to defend them, either in or out of court, depending on the crime. So a San Diego criminal attorney or a San Diego criminal defense attorney can help you out in cases with criminal charges.

Civil offenses like wrongful death, malpractice, property issues, and business disputes are taken care of by civil lawyers. A San Diego accident attorney or a San Diego wrongful death attorney would be the right choice if you are living in the city and need help with cases involving accident charges. A San Diego car accident attorney or a San Diego auto accident attorney would be further specialized to handle cases pertaining to car accidents. In fact San Diego automobile accident attorney are very much in demand due to the growing number of drunk driving and accident related offenses.

If you are in the city of San Diego and need help with accident compensation such as construction site falls to spinal cord injuries sustained at the workplace, nursing home abuse and the like, a San Diego injury attorney is the perfect person to go to. A San Diego injury lawyer is professionally qualified to take care of lawsuits involving personal injury law or tort law as it is commonly known.

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While looking for attorneys make sure to hire the best and most experienced attorneys that you can find, because a conviction cannot be expunged from your record. Getting the right type of lawyer can be crucial and clients should select their lawyer after making investigations about their specialization.
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