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San Diego Facts

San Diego has recently become one of the hottest places to move to in the United States. One visit there and you can see why. Its beautiful beaches and wonderful attractions are famous to almost everyone in the country, but here are 8 things you didn't know about San Diego.

  1. Both San Diego and Pensacola, Florida claim to be known as the "birthplace of naval aviation".

  2. The city of San Diego hosts 16 individual military facilities.

  3. The first European to visit the site of present day San Diego was Portugese explorer Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo who was sailing under the flag of Spain.

  4. San Diego has hosted two World's Fairs, one in 1915 and one in 1935.

  5. San Francisco and northern California is more famous for a California gold rush, but San Diego had one of its own in 1848.

  6. Due to its popularity as a place to relocate to, the median house prices in San Diego more than tripled between 1998 and 2007.

  7. The per capita Dui San Diego, is the highest in the United States.

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  9. San Diego currently doesn't have an NBA professional basketball team, although it has been home to two different professional basketball franchises in the past. From 1967 through 1971 the city was home to the San Diego Rockets before they moved to Houston, retaining the Rockets name. In 1978 the Buffalo Braves of the NBA relocated across the country to San Diego, becoming the San Diego Clippers. The Clippers would stay in San Diego six seasons before relocating to their present location in Los Angeles.

  10. With its beauty and attractions, it is easy to see why San Diego is a popular destination both for vacations and relocations. San Diego will remain one of the more popular destinations in the United States for quite some time.

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